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Why did you not put a knob on top to adjust the MIX?

We felt that most users will 'set & forget' the mix and would prefer to set the precise mix level without worrying that it gets accidentally nudged. A guitar pick is used to make adjustments.

How can I eliminate noise from some pedals?

There are signal gates that can be used after the offending pedal that will turn off the residual hiss when the signal going through the pedal drops down below a threshold. You can also use a traditional effects loop pedal like the BigShot EFX or Loopbone.

Can I use the MIX with multi-pedal power brick?

Yes. The MIX employs a 9V PSU to match those used by Boss® pedals. Just make sure your multi-pedal power supply is the correct voltage and polarity.

Can I use the MIX with Bass and Keyboards?

Yes but be careful with high output instruments as they can sometimes overload the buffer circuitry in the MIX. If the signal is too hot, simply turn down the instrument and turn up your amp to compensate.

Can I use the MIX in between my amp's send and return loop on the back of the head?

Yes! Just keep in mind that this should be a guitar level send and return which most amps will be equipped with. Check the amp's owner's manual to be sure.

How many pedals can I use in line with the MIX?

As many as you like. The MIX is a high quality buffer that lowers the impedance to let you drive many pedals while reducing their susceptibility to noise.

Can you explain please the 180⁰ polarity switch?

When a pedal is engaged in the signal path, the polarity, or absolute phase, is often reversed in relation to the input signal. You do not notice this as your total signal is reversed (ie: guitar add effect). With the MIX you can mix in as much of the effect as you like which means it is possible to mix the direct in-phase guitar signal with an out-of-phase effect pedal signal. Switching the MIX polarity switch solves the problem by bringing both signals in phase.

Can I use the MIX to split a signal to another guitar amp?

Although the connection would work, because there is no isolation transformer, you may encounter hum and buzz problems and potential for shock. We therefore do not recommend using the MIX for this purpose. For this, we make the Radial BigShot ABY, Twin City and Switchbone.

What do you mean by unity gain buffer?

A unity gain buffer is a buffer that does not increase or boost the level, but simply passes the signal along from input to output at the same volume level.

Can a professional line level effects unit be plugged into the send/return of the BigShot MIX?

The BigShot MIX is designed for instrument level devices. These are typically between -30dB to -50dB below the 0dB nominal level. Line level devices generally range from unbalanced -10dB to +4dB balanced. If you plan to use line level devices, turn the volume way down so that it does not overload the MIX's input stage.