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Right out of the box, the MIX is one of the easiest pedal to use ever! The following page describes the basic functionality. For more info, feel free to download the manual by clicking on the icon at left.

Making connections

Before making any connections, turn down the volume on your amp. This will help avoid loud turn-on or plug-in transients that could ultimately damage components such as speakers. Connect a standard 9V 'Boss® compatible' power supply to the MIX to activate. There is no provision for a 9V battery, so you will need an external power supply or multi-pedal power brick. The MIX does not have a power switch. As soon as you plug it in, it will turn on.

Using standard coaxial guitar cables; connect your guitar to the MIX's ¼" input jack and your amp to the MIX's output ¼" jack. Now patch in one of your effect pedals using the ¼" SEND to feed the device and the output back to the RETURN. Check to make sure the pedals work by turning on and off. The LED indicators will illuminate when active. Bring up the volume on your amp. We suggest testing at a low volume until all connections are made. Turn the volume on your guitar to test. When the MIX's LED is off, you should hear the guitar going straight through to the amp.

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Setting the wet-dry mix

When the MIX's footswitch and LED are on, the signal is now routed through the effects loop to the connected pedal or effects and mixed in to your dry signal by adjusting the MIX's 'LEVEL' control. The recessed 'set & forget' level control is designed to give you up to a 50% wet signal. This may be further compensated by adjusting the output level of the pedal (s) in the loop. Activate your effects pedal. Make sure that if it is equipped with a wet-dry mix (such as sometimes found on delay pedals) that this is in the full wet position. Rotate the MIX (blend control) using a guitar pick until the desired mix is achieved.

Using the 180° polarity reverse

As many effects devices reverse the polarity (phase) when engaged, the MIX is equipped with a 180° polarity reverse switch. This lets you mix in your dry and wet signals 'in phase' (so they don't cancel each other out). To use, just flip it in and out and listen. If the sound becomes thin, you are likely out of phase.

For best results, begin by adjusting your effects pedal for 100% wet (effect full on) and set the MIX to 12 o'clock using a guitar pick as a screw driver. Then mess around till it sounds right to your ears. What could be easier?

WARNING - Possibility of electrical shock hazard exists. Please read the warnings in the user manual before attempting to connect amplifiers to this device.