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BigShot PB1 FAQ

Why do some folks say buffers are bad?

Probably because they never tried a really good one. Most buffers employ integrated circuit chips and class-B amplification which tends to negatively color the tone. The BigShot PB1 is unique in that it is a Class-A device and employs Drag™ control load correction to take away any of the unwanted sparkle that a buffer can introduce.

Why does the BigShot PB1 lower the impedance?

High impedance circuits are much more susceptible to noise than low impedance circuits. This is why pro studios and broadcasters always employ balanced, low impedance lines between equipment. By lowering the impedance, you can travel further using longer cables with less noise.

Can I use the BigShot PB1 to add front end distortion to my amp?

Yes!. Set your amp to a moderately overdriven sound and use the PB1 to add more input saturation. It works great to add punch and drive to a big amp and can make a small 15 watt amp sound amazing!

Can I use the BigShot PB1 to boost my acoustic guitar for soloing?

Yes. Just be careful not to overdrive and distort the input to your amp or mixer! The PB1 has +15dB of boost power, plenty more than you likely need. Distortion tends to cause feedback!

Can I use the BigShot PB1 as a preamp for a piezo pickup?

You could. Start by turning the Drag fully clockwise to make sure you get the maximum input impedance and then listen. Try turning down the Drag to suit. If you need extra level, turn the boost on and adjust. The PB1 will provide a clean, full range boost that could be very suitable!

If I want to use the BigShot PB1 for soloing with a distortion, where should it go in the signal chain?

If you put the PB1 before your distortion or overdrive pedal, it will increase the input drive and create more 'fuzz type' distortion. If you put it after the overdrive, it will boost the level. Either way works.

Is the BigShot PB1 Buffer on all the time?

Yes. The buffer is there to drive the other pedals in your system and lower impedance to reduce susceptibility to noise. The Drag control counteracts the effects of the buffer to retain the instrument's natural tone.

For true bypass operation, how can I remove the BigShot PB1 from my pedal chain?

The easiest way would be to use the BigShot EFX loop controller. Simply put the PB1 power booster in one of the loops and turn it on when you need it. And, of course, take it out of the signal path when you do not.

Can the BigShot PB1 run on a 9V battery?

No. The BigShot PB1 is a Class-A device and therefore requires a lot of power to make it work. A battery would run out very quickly and therefore the PB1 must be powered with a 9V external supply like the one used with a Boss pedal or some type of a multi-pedal power brick.

Can the BigShot PB1 be used in the FX loop of an amp to provide boost between pre-amp and power amp stages?

Yes. Most amps are designed to have guitar pedals connect in their effects loops. Check the manufacturer specs to make sure they recommend using pedals in the loop. If yes, then it will work just fine.

Will the BigShot PB1 help improve the tone of my non true-bypass Boss® pedals?

Yes. Connect the PB1 first, before your other pedals and adjust the Drag Control to suit. The PB1's class-A buffer will quiet down the other pedals and sound more natural.