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  • "I believe a musicians' tone is their signature and Radial helps me define who I am."

    Marty Stuart
    (Solo artist and country music mainstay)
    Marty Stuart

BIGSHOT™ PB1 Power Booster

Part no. R800 7220
  • Fully variable class-A power booster for solos
  • Buffer drives multiple pedals and long cables
  • Drag™ control load correction for natural tone
  • Ultra linear performance for natural boost

The Radial BigShot PB1 is a combination signal buffer and power booster designed to provide exceptional sonic performance in a compact yet easy to use pedal.

Unlike most buffers that employ integrated circuit chips (ICs) that color the tone and give buffers a bad name, the BigShot PB1 employs the same 100% discrete class-A circuitry that is used in the award winning Radial JD7 Injector and employed by many of the world's most discerning guitarists including Carlos Santana, John Petrucci, Steve Vai, Neil Schon and John Mayer. The JD7's discrete class-A circuit is preferred over off-the-shelf class-B chips due to reduced zero-cross distortion, improved phase response and the resulting smooth Bessel curve that delivers beautifully cascading even-order harmonics and natural warmth. This is augmented with Drag™ Control load correction that lets you adjust the impedance on your pickups and dial-in the tone and feel as if connected directly to your amp.

Upon first view, you will notice that the PB1's top panel is clear of all controls. These have been moved out of the way and recessed on the rear panel so that they can be set and then forgotten. This 'smart solution' makes it impossible to accidentally kick the controls when on a dark stage. You merely use a guitar pick to adjust the Drag™ and then set the boost level for up to +15dB of pure joy. The PB1 is equally effective as a buffer for your effects or for pounding your 20 watt Super Champ into sublime overload. Once in your pedal chain, the PB1 will enable long cable runs of up to 15 meters (50') while reducing susceptibility to noise and interference.

The PB1 may only have a footswitch and status LED on the top – but it delivers more feel and soul than any other power booster in its class. The BigShot PB1 is likely the finest power booster ever made.


Multi-Level Buffer


Tube Distortion Pedal


Load Correction Device


BigShot PB1 as a buffer for your pedalboard

The PB1 corrects the load and lowers the susceptibility of noise when driving multiple pedals and a distant amp. This makes it the ideal front end for your pedalboard.

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BigShot PB1 to overdrive a small amp

Nothing sounds better than a simple, straight ahead low-power guitar amp when driven hard. Use the PB1's exceptionally warm sounding class-A booster to get 'er done!

BigShot PB1 with electric bass

Turn that old vintage bass into a high powered active beast! The PB1 lets you toggle between the natural tone of your Jazz to in-your-face bass when soloing!