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Cabbone™ FAQ

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Can I use the Cabbone with any two speaker cabinets?

Yes. If you are using the same impedance throughout, the hook-up is straightforward. If you are using different loads, we suggest reading the manual for details on how this will affect your tone.

Q: Can I use the Cabbone with a combo amp and an external speaker cabinet?

Yes. If the combo amp has speaker output jacks then it is easy. If your amp is hard-wired to the speakers, you will have to make up some adaptor cables.

Can I use the Cabbone with a load box?

Yes. Load boxes are set up to be wired like speakers. Simply follow suit.

Can I send a MIDI program change command to the Cabbone to switch the speaker cabinets?

Yes. Most MIDI controllers have some type of 'contact closure' outlet for this purpose.

Can I use the Cabbone with a bass guitar amplifier?

Absolutely! Bass tones will vary dramatically when driving through a 4-10 cabinet as opposed to a 2-15. Keep in mind that the standard Cabbone is designed to work with a 100 Watt amplifier.

Can connecting the Slingshot™ hurt my amp if I am not sure about how the footswitch system works?

It is very unlikely that the Slingshot will damage your amp. We do however recommend that you check with the manufacturer to be safe.

My amp has only one 8 Ohm output and my second speaker is wired for 4 Ohms. How will this affect my tone?

With solid state amps, lowering the impedance will usually result in the amp playing louder. With tube amps, lowering the impedance will generally fatten the tone but shorten the tube life.

I connected the Slingshot output to my amp's footswitch input but the amp channels are not switching. Why?

Try changing the 'switch mode' on the Cabbone from momentary to latching. If this does not work, check that the footswitch input on your amp is a regular ¼" mono jack. If it is a TRS ¼" stereo jack, then you may have to create an adaptor cable to address this. Consult with your dealer's tech department for assistance.

When I toggle between the two cabinets, I notice one is louder than the other. Why?

There could be several reasons for this. One speaker cabinet may be more efficient than the other, meaning that one will play louder with the same power. Also, the lower impedance speaker will generally play louder than the higher impedance cabinet. Finally, cabinets with more speakers tend to move more air and thus sound louder. To match the level, simply have the Cabbone switch channels on your amp when you toggle cabinets. This way, you can set the volume on each channel to suit.

Can I use the Cabbone as an ABY to switch between two guitar amplifiers?

Yes - Although the Cabbone is really not designed for this, it will work. Furthermore, there are no provisions for solving ground loop or phase problems. The Radial Switchbone is an excellent ABY switcher designed specifically for this task.

Can I activate both speaker cabinets simultaneously with the Cabbone?

No. It is only possible to toggle between two cabinets.