The Cab-Link was designed to provide a simple solution for guitar players who want to connect two speaker cabinets to a single amplifier. While this is a relatively straightforward task to accomplish, there are still several customer requirements that we needed to keep in mind when creating the Cab-Link. The first requirement was that the device needed to be compact: small enough to tuck in the back of a speaker cabinet or sit unobtrusively on top of the amp. It also needed to be rock solid — any gear that gets used on stage needs to be able to stand up to punishment without breaking. To this end, we used heavy-duty connectors, a military grade circuit board, and a 14 gauge steel chassis to ensure that the Cab-Link will remain gig-ready even if you accidentally park your car on it.

The most important consideration guitar players have is tone, and the Cab-Link passes signal with zero coloration or phase shift for completely transparent operation. We also felt it would be handy to have an additional line output, allowing users to feed another amplifier or an effects device as needed. Lastly, we wanted the Cab-Link to be extremely easy to use, so we added an impedance guide right on the top of the unit. Connect your two speakers to the outputs, then simply find the impedance of your amp and speakers on this guide, and plug into the series or parallel input as directed — it's that easy.