The original Classic
Steve Lukather
The Tonebone Classic
The Classic-V9


The Tonebone Classic-V9 is a new pedal. Yet the roots run deep. We started developing distortion pedals almost 40 years ago. Over the years, we have developed hundreds of designs – many of which make up the Radial product catalog.

The first generation Tonebone Classic distortion was a low-voltage 15V, 12AX7 tube distortion that employed a unique dual gain distortion circuit along with a super-powerful EQ and true-bypass switching for ultra quiet operation. It was immediately adopted by many world-class guitarists including Tonemeister Eric Johnson. Eric was so impressed with the performance he not only endorsed it, he had us build a custom overdrive pedal to replace an aging relic. A few years later, we launched the Trimode™. This powerful tube distortion added a second channel for clean, rhythm-lead operation and a built-in effects loop for greater flexibility on stage. Iconic guitarist Steve ‘Luke’ Lukather became the unofficial spokesman for the Trimode, which by many accounts, is considered to be one of the finest distortion pedals of all time.

The proliferation of pedalboards, multi-pedal power supplies and the ever-increasing costs for extra baggage when traveling, created a vacuum whereby the original tube Classic no longer fit in. (The original Tonebone Classic is large, requires 15 volts to drive the tube and this makes it cumbersome.) Even the faithful were demanding standard 9V powering to use their power bricks instead of a wall wart and were asking for a smaller footprint to fit on their already jammed pedalboards. The Classic-V9 comes to the rescue! (Cue the singing angels!)

The Classic-V9 retains the character of the original Tonebone Classic, while adding innovative circuitry to replicate the tube-like tone that made the Classic so special. Like the original, it is responsive, dynamic, quiet and delivers a huge tonal range that is sure to excite the senses.