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Does the Classic-V9 sound just like the original Tonebone?

Yes… in fact, some guitarists even say it sounds better!

Is there still a tube inside the V9 like the original Classic?

No. The tube has been surgically removed and replaced with a new tube-emulating tone circuit.

What are the main differences between the original Classic and the V9?

The new Classic-V9 is smaller and employs standard 9 volts for powering to make it easy to integrate into the pedalboard. It also boasts a simplified control panel which makes it easier to use than the original.

Is the Classic-V9 a true-bypass pedal?

Although the V9 is not a true-bypass pedal, it employs the same front end buffer that is used on the high-end Radial JD7™ with a pre-set load for the most natural tone. This eliminates the popping while reducing noise.

Can I use the Classic-V9 with my bass?

Yes, however when using any distortion pedal on bass, if you want to retain the full bottom end of the instrument, this is best done using the Radial Tonebone Mix-Blender™. This lets you mix in the desired amount of distortion while keeping as much of the original bass tone as you like.

Can I use the Classic-V9 without an amp for recording or direct into a PA system?

Yes, however you should keep the following in mind: guitar pedals are designed to work with guitar speakers. Most of these are 12” and focus the sound in the mid range. When recording or sending the signal to a PA system, you are now sending the guitar signal to a full-range speaker. This tends to sound ‘buzzy’. Radial makes a device called the JDX Direct-Drive™ that simulates the sound of a guitar amp. Using this in conjunction with the Classic will produce much more convincing results.