The Dragster is plug and play easy to use. You simply connect the guitar or bass to the Dragster using the ¼" connectors. Either jack will work as input and output - it makes no difference. Then connect the other ¼" to your pedals, wireless or recording system.

Set the Drag Control thumb wheel to the half-way point and listen. Rotating it in one direction will make the tone sound darker – the other direction will make it sound bright. Adjust the 'Less-More' Drag control to set the load that suits your guitar/amp combination – it should sound the same as if you plugged the guitar directly into your amp. The slotted flanges can be secured to your guitar strap with Velcro or nylon cable ties. For a more permanent installation you can sew the Dragster onto your strap through the flange slots. The Dragster is 100% passive. In other words, it does not require any power or battery to make it work. Simply plug in and play!

Typical Dragster applications:

Use the Dragster in front of guitar pedals to remove the harsh tone buffers can introduce into the signal path.
When recording a dry track, use the Dragster to set the load before it reaches the input channel on your mixer.
When recording a clean track for Reamping, use the Dragster to warm up your guitar before sending it to your preamp.
On stage, connect the Dragster to your transmitter to warm the sound of your wireless system for a more natural tone.