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  • "After all the years of searching... no need to look further. The Elevator is it!"

    Jerry Donahue
    (The Hellecasters, Gerry Rafferty, Elton John,
    Warren Zevon, Bonnie Rait)
    Jerry Donahue
  • "With the Elevator, my amp and the volume control on my guitar I have everything I need. I love it."

    Davy Knowles
    (Back Door Jam, Grateful Dead)
    Davy Knowles
  • "The Elevator is now THE boost pedal in my touring rack. It's absolutely great. Very flexible sonically….the perfect solo boost pedal."

    Steve Stevens
    (Billy Idol)
    Steve Stevens
  • "The Elevator's transparency is stunning, with great fidelity that doesn't ever make the guitar sound harsh as often happens with gain-changing boxes. The Elevator-it's a gain changer!"

    John Jorgenson
    (Multi-platinum selling, Grammy-winning studio and gipsy-jazz guitarist)
    John Jorgenson
  • "The Elevator has become my go-to pedal and Drag Control gives me the best tone possible. I love it!"

    Kerry Marx
    (Grand Ole Opre)
    Kerry Marx
  • "YES! I wanted a clean Strat tone with more sustain, but retaining the inherent sparkle and shimmer of the guitar. The Elevator worked perfectly as a boost and made the sum of the parts better than anything on its own."

    Carl Verheyen
    Carl Verheyen
  • "The Tonebone Elevator is a great solution for the musician looking for those subtle, more naturalistic amp distortions and clean but 'hot' signal."

    Marc Ribot
    (T-Bone Burnett, Robert Plant & Alison Krauss, The Black Keys, Elvis Costello, Madeleine Peyroux)
    Marc Ribot
  • "I use the Elevator as a mid range boost straight into my Super Reverb. It drives the amp without adding too much gain or artificial character, like a hi-fi tube screamer."

    Scott Sharrard
    (The Allman Brothers)
    Scott Sharrard
  • "The Elevator is the cleanest, most dynamic boost pedal I've ever used. It heats up the amp just enough to growl, yet pushes the gain channel enough to soar above the mix! And here's the kicker...it leaves the tone you worked so hard to get in tact! This thing is amazing!"

    Jeff Bihlman
    (Bihlman Brothers)
    Jeff Bihlman
  • "You can use the Elevator as a booster to get more meat without adding any noise or to retain the tone I might lose on a big stage with long cables to my pedal board. I have used it both ways with great results."

    Steve Lukather
    Steve Lukather
  • "The Elevator is the ultimate clean boost. It sounds fantastic. The mid-boost is also really usable. As soon as I turned it off, I was shocked at how wimpy everything sounded! I'll be leaving it on from now on."

    Michael Thompson
    (LA Session guitarist – David Foster, Quincy Jones, Babyface, Michael Jackson, Seal, Michael Buble, Celine Dion, Phil Collins)
    Michael Thompson

ELEVATOR™ multi-level booster

Part no. R800 7225
  • 100% discrete, class-A circuit for absolute purity
  • Drag Control load correction for natural tone
  • Lets you customize your signal for optimal performance
  • Delivers up to 18dB of ultra-clean power boost

The Elevator is a unique multi-level power booster and buffer that provides the guitarist with a degree of customization to better match the playing style with the guitar, amplifier and pedal chain.

The design begins with a 100% discrete class-A signal path that is completely void of integrated circuits (ICs). Each gain stage is carefully crafted for optimal gain without introducing extraordinary levels of phase-cancelling negative feedback to control the ICs. This circuit topology eliminates problems, such as zero-cross distortion, which tends to cause other boosters to sound harsh.

On the ground floor (Level 1), a selector switch allows you to set the Elevator to true-bypass for those that prefer a direct feed to the amp when the power booster is out of the circuit. Level-2 lets you activate a unity gain buffer that will drive your guitar signal to 15 meters (50') without noise. This eliminates problems such as tone loss due to cables and popping when switching with high gain amps. This setting also activates the level-3 Drag™ Control load correction circuit that replicates the 'tone and feel' of being connected directly to your amp. Level-4 pushes things up a notch with a 'baseline' power booster that drives the front end of the amp for more crunch and bite. This recessed 'set & forget' control is particularly useful with vintage amps that produce less gain than today's more modern designs. Level-5 is a super clean power booster that is activated using the footswitch. This variable booster delivers up to 18dB of pure gain for soloing. Level-6 is a three-position mid boost switch that lets you increase the mid range content for added sustain.

The compact enclosure fits nicely on any pedalboard and is powered using a standard Boss-style 9V DC power supply. A sturdy footswitch controls the internal gold-sealed military grade relay for maximum durability while the solid 14 gauge steel outer casing protects the sensitive internal electronics, eliminating opportunity to torque the PCB and cause premature failure.

These features combine to make the Elevator one of the most powerful sounding power boosters ever.

Hear how the Elevator sounds at different settings.

Elevator Track
Various Settings
Setting 1
Setting 2
Setting 3
Setting 4
Setting 5
Setting 6

Load Correction Device


Two Channel Instrument Switcher


ABY Amp Selector


Using the Elevator with a vintage amp

Set the Elevator's baseline drive with a bit of extra boost to drive the front end of your vintage amp for more harmonics and bite. Hit your amp hard with the booster with mids for soloing.

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Using the Elevator with a high-gain amp

Set your amp with distortion and then add sustain and controlled feedback by using the Elevator's power booster and extra mid boost when you need it. The clean boost will retain better note clarity.

Using the Elevator with pedals

Set your overdrive pedal to your favorite crunch tone and then use the Elevator to hit it harder for more drive. Add mid range or combine with a wah set half-way to approach Bryan May's unique tone.