The Radial Headbone combines simplicity with functionality. Hook-up was designed to be intuitive for all users, be they neophyte or experienced technician. Most will be able to connect and play through the unit with very little reference to the supplied user guide.

In use, the Cabbone is a model of logical design and offers the professional guitarist the ultimate in creative options on stage through smooth and noise free amplifier switching.

An on-board footswitch toggles between amp heads and large LED indicators monitors the current signal path. Tonebone's versatile Slingshot™ system allows remote controlled switching between heads from any stage position (eg.: a pedalboard) using just regular ¼" to ¼" guitar cables.

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Circuit type: Proprietary electro-mechanical
Audio Signal Path: Class-A - 100% discrete componentry
Input impedance: 100 kOhms (direct input)
220k Ohms (bufferd input)
Switching type: Programmed PIC controlled relay
Relay type and capacity: Silver plated contacts - 10 million cycles
100 Watts RMS rated
Switching time: 11.2 milliseconds
Outputs: Speaker out
Slingshot™ implimentation: Slingshot™ remote switching input
Footswitch: High-cycle heavy-duty Amp-1 / Amp-2 toggle with status LED's
LED indicators: Large 3mm OD ultra-bright LED's
Construction: 14 gauge steel, baked enamel finish
Size: 6.85 x 4.5 x 2.12" (175 x 108 x 54mm)
Weight: 2.2lb (1.kg)
Maximum Power Ratings
To switch the speakers inside the Headbone, a relay is used that is rated for 100 Watts (MUSICAL PROGRAM). This 'general' specifications does offer some leeway as detailed below. Please consult your local Tonebone dealer to ensure your system is configured to meet the following specifications:
100 Watt into 4 Ohms = 5.00 Amp RMS
100 Watt into 8 Ohms = 3.54 Amp RMS
100 Watt into 16 Ohms = 2.50 Amp RMS
150 Watt into 4 Ohms = 6.12 Amp RMS (safe)
150 Watt into 8 Ohms = 4.33 Amp RMS
150 Watt into 16 Ohms = 3.06 Amp RMS
200 Watt into 4 Ohms = 7.08 Amp RMS (not reccomended)
200 Watt into 8 Ohms = 5.00 Amp RMS
200 Watt into 16 Ohms = 3.54 Amp RMS
Maximum Power Ratings
Safety Note: Although the headbone relay is rated to withstand a 10 Ampere load, due to peak power surges and the total power caused by heavily distorted sound, we recommend a 40% minimum safety margin for a maximum 6 Amps of current be applied.
Power Supply:
15VDC 400mA, center pole positive

Part # R800 9407 00 - 120 volt
Part # R800 9407 01 - 230 volt
 Part # R800 9407 02 - 230 volt
Part # R800 9407 03 - 100 volt
Part # R800 9407 04 - 240 volt

USA, Canada, Taiwan
Continental Europe
United Kingdom