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What's the difference between the Hollywood and the Tonebone Classic?

The Classic is a large 100% discreet device that is equipped with a 12AX7 tube. In our view the Classic and the Trimode are two of the most amazing "American" style pedals made today. The Hollywood is a pared down, solid-state version of the Classic that focuses on the most used tones players have grown to love when using the Classic and is augmented with the dual-mode functionality of the Trimode.

Is the Hollywood a 'true bypass' pedal?

No. Although true bypass pedals are wonderful, they also exhibit certain problems. They can be very noisy especially when it comes to switching them on and off when used in conjunction with high gain amps. As a means to reduce switching noise, the Hollywood features active buffering that both lowers the impedance and allows longer cables to be run without noise. This also enables us to employ EIS – Electronic Impulse Switching – to eliminate pops. To counter the effect of the buffers, the Hollywood is equipped with a preset version of Radial's Drag™ control load correction circuit. This sounds as if it is a 'true bypass' pedal, only without popping and noise problems.

What is Drag™ Control?

Drag Control refers to the load correction circuitry we employ inside many Radial products. When a guitar is connected directly to an amplifier, the two devices interact as part of a closed circuit. When an active buffer is placed in between, these can often sound brittle or sterile. Drag Control counters this effect by reintroducing the load as if you were connected directly to your amp.

What is EIS Electronic Impulse Switching?

Although the switches on the Hollywood look like regular switches, they are in fact special non-latching momentary switches that activate an internal electronic switch. Because this avoids mechanical switching, problems such as wear and tear or contacts sticking are virtually eliminated. The result: you get longer trouble-free switch life.

Can I use the Hollywood with a battery?

No. Batteries quickly wear and then are tossed into landfill sites. We feel that a better long term solution is to employ a power supply or multi pedal power brick. Please consult your dealer about which option would be best for you.

How does the Hollywood compare to the Texas or London pedals?

The Hollywood straddles between the two. The Texas is an overdrive while the London is over the top distortion. The Hollywood is able to produce tones that emulate each of these characters.

Why do you use the term CUT to describe a mid boost?

It came from the perspective of ensuring the guitar is cutting through the mix. The guitar lives in the mid range. Add mid and you get more sustain and the distinctiveness of the notes will be more audible.

Are both channels the same?

No. Channel-2 is enhanced with extra mid range for more sustain.

Where should I position the Hollywood in a pedal chain?

The Hollywood is equipped with a class-A buffer that will make the pedals that follow sound more natural and warm. As the impedance is also lowered, you will be able to run longer cables without noise. So placing the Hollywood after your wah and before your other pedals can be very beneficial. (Wah and fuzz pedals work best when connected directly to the pickup)

Can I get heavy metal tones using the Hollywood?

Yes. Set the drive to the top position and you will get tons of distortion!