Original Hot British

Marshall Plexi Amp

Hot-British V9


Since the original Tonebone Hot British was released, players around the world embraced it as the best Marshall-in-a-box British style distortion on the market, with endorsements from a number of artists including Metallica’s Kirk Hammett and Def Leppard’s Vivian Campbell. Combining incredible tone and control, this rugged tube-based pedal allowed users to find their ‘sweet spot’ with a range of sonic possibilities. Now, the Hot-British V9 brings the same characteristics of the original powerhouse Hot British pedal, but manages to do it all in a compact solid-state version that can be easily powered using a 9V supply.

The Ultimate in Control

The Hot-British V9 gives you the ability to control your sound with a number of features designed to help dial-in that perfect Marshall amp tone. The Contour control allows you to change the voicing of the distortion, altering the response to match your amp and deliver more warmth or bite as needed. This is augmented by Mid-Boost and Top End 3-position switches that can help bring out the sustain of your amp and add clarity to the highs. The Hot-British V9 excels at keeping the distinct sound of each individual note, allowing them to shine through even when the distortion is driven to extremes. Powerful High and Low post-distortion EQ controls round out the tone-shaping features.

The Race to Save Space

Today more than ever, guitarists are looking for ways to reduce the size and weight of their pedalboard. This saves space and money with fly dates being subject to ever-increasing airline baggage fees and restrictions. The Hot-British V9 packs as many features as possible into a small footprint that can be powered with a standard 9V multi-pedal power supply to provide the biggest impact per square inch on your pedalboard.