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Hot-British V9™ FAQ

Can I use any multi-pedal power supply with the Hot-British V9?

Yes, so long as you provide the pedal with 9-12VDC, using a 2.1mm center-pin negative connector with at least 40mA of current.

Can I use the Hot-British V9 with a battery?

No. The Class-A circuitry of the Hot-British V9 is power hungry and will drain a battery in no time.

Is the Hot-British V9 True-Bypass?

No, instead it is equipped with a Class-A input buffer and a carefully selected load that replicates the feel and tone of true-bypass without the noise. This enables the Hot-British V9 to drive pedal chains and long cables.

What is the difference between the original Hot-British and the Hot-British V9?

The Hot-British V9 is a solid state version of the Hot-British that does not employ a tube. It has been voiced to focus on the main Marshall® sound that has made the Hot-British popular.

Can I hurt the Hot-British V9 if I leave it on?

No. The Hot-British V9 power input is regulated and it can be left on without much current draw.

Where should the Hot-British V9 be connected in the pedal chain?

The Class-A input buffers are really smooth sounding. So when placed near the guitar in the signal chain, the Hot-British V9 will help smooth out the tone of your other pedals and help reduce noise.

Can I use the Hot-British V9 on bass?

Yes. For optimal results, combine it with the Mix-Blender™ pedal. This lets you blend in the amount of distortion with the clean tone. This setup retains the bass and gives you the distorted crunch.