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The Hot-British V9 brings the epic tones of a British Plexi-style amp to your pedalboard, replicating the sound of the original Hot-British tube distortion pedal in a compact format that is easily powered. Drive and Contour controls let you adjust the distortion characteristics, while a 2-band EQ helps to tailor the post-distortion tone to suit your guitar and amp. Handy 3-position switches provide additional control over the mid and high frequencies, and an overall output level is also provided. The Hot-British V9 includes Radial’s Class-A buffer to drive long cables and pedal chains with ease, and it is constructed from 14-gauge steel to perform for years without fail. For complete details on the features and functionality of the Hot-British V9, please click on the icon to the left to download the full manual.

Making Connections

Always make sure to turn your guitar amp down or off when connecting the Hot-British V9. This will prevent loud turn-on transients that can cause damage to your amplifier. The Hot-British V9 does not come with a power supply as most players will use a pedalboard power brick to supply power. You can use a standard Boss® style 9V adapter, just make sure it has a 2.1mm barrel connector wired for center-pin negative polarity. There is no power switch, as soon as you connect to power, the Hot-British V9 will spring to life. You can test that the pedal is receiving power by depressing the footswitch; the LED light will illuminate when the distortion circuit is active. The power cable can be affixed to the pedal using the cable lock provided, preventing accidental disconnection. Use a hex key to unscrew the cable lock, pass the cable through the cavity, and then retighten.

Block Diagram

Start with the controls set as pictured, with the LEVEL and TONE knobs at 12 o'clock and the drive setting at 9 o'clock. Turn your amplifier on, slowly turn up the LEVEL, and depress the footswitch to activate the Hot-British V9.

Start Position

Test out different settings on the LEVEL control to get an idea of the output range of the Hot-British V9, as it can provide a lot of gain to your signal. Now you can experiment with the distortion stages of the pedal. The DRIVE setting determines how much distortion you are applying to the signal, with a wide range from subtle to extreme saturation. The CONTOUR control will warm up your sound as you turn it counter-clockwise, and add more high frequency content as you turn it clockwise.

The post-distortion EQ controls on the Hot-British V9 give you the ability to dial in the tone you are looking for. HIGH and LOW knobs allow you to boost or cut the high and low frequencies, with a large amount of gain available on both controls. The 3-position MID BOOST switch provides a bump in the midrange frequencies so your guitar can really cut through for soloing, while the TOP END switch gives you an overall adjustment over how bright your sound is.

Close-up of the Top End and Mid Boost switch

All of the controls on the Hot-British V9 are quite powerful, so small adjustments will have a noticeable impact on the overall sound. Experiment, have fun, and explore the many sonic possibilities at your fingertips.