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Hot-British V9™ Distortion Pedal

Part no. R800 7022 00
  • High gain Plexi-style distortion
  • Powerful tone-shaping EQ controls
  • Compact size saves pedalboard space
  • Standard 9V power supply operation

The Hot-British V9™ is an updated solid-state version of the venerable Tonebone Hot British™ tube distortion pedal. Packed into a pedalboard-friendly compact chassis, the Hot-British V9 retains the same soul and character of the original, with the ability to be powered by standard 9V pedalboard power supplies.

Under the hood, a Class-A buffering circuit gives you the feel of a true-bypass pedal with the added benefits of greater noise rejection and lower impedance, allowing you to drive pedal chains and longer cable runs efficiently. The Hot-British V9 also features multiple tone shaping stages to provide you with total control over your sound. The Drive control sets the overall distortion amount and input level, so you can apply a touch of grit and tube-like saturation, or crank it up for screaming lead tones. Next up, the Contour knob augments the character of the distortion, to vary it between warm, fat textures and brighter tones with more 'air'.

The post-distortion EQ controls provide a powerful way to shape your overall sound, allowing you to tailor the Hot-British V9 to best match your guitar and amplifier. Low and High EQ knobs are complemented by 3-position Top End and Mid Boost switches, so dialing in the perfect tone is a snap. Lastly, a Level control sets the output of the Hot-British V9 to your amplifier. The Hot-British V9 is compact and takes up little valuable pedalboard space, yet it is built extremely rugged, with heavy-duty components and a 14-gauge steel enclosure. One listen and you’ll be blown away by how a device this small can produce such huge tone.


Overdrive and Power Booster


Overdrive and Boost Pedal


Pre-Drive & Booster

Hot-British V9™ - Applications

Using the Hot-British V9

Pair the Hot-British with your favorite amp, adjust the distortion from slight to extreme, and use the EQ controls to match the tone to your guitar and playing style.

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Plexi half-stack tone without the amp

Pair the Hot-British V9 with the JDX Direct-Drive™ to connect directly to the PA while retaining the same tone and feel of having an amp on stage. The Direct-Drive provides amp simulation modeled after the sound of a dynamic mic on a 4x12 cabinet.

  1. Angus Fun
  2. ZZ Pop
  3. Dream Theme
  4. Glitter Rock
  5. Green Space
  6. Grunge Mob
  7. Metallic Age
  8. Nickel Attack
  9. SR Ray Gun
  10. Annihilation

Created using a Angus Young Gibson SG and a Mesa Mark 5 clean channel into a Mesa 2x12 cab miked with a Sennheiser e609

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