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JDX Direct-Drive™ Amp Simulator and DI box FAQ

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Can I power the Direct-Drive using standard 48V phantom power from the mixer?
No. The circuit and filters require more current than is available, so you must use a 9V power supply.

If phantom power is on, will it damage the Direct-Drive?
No. Blocking capacitors inside the Direct-Drive will protect it from 48V phantom power.

Can I use the Direct-Drive to capture the sound of my amp?
Yes and no. Yes, in that you can take the preamp (guitar level) output from your amp and feed it into the Direct-Drive. You cannot however take the speaker output. For this, you need a device like the JDX or the Headload.

Can I use the Direct-Drive with my electric bass?
Absolutely! It is perfectly safe. Try it and have fun! The sound will be colored like a guitar amp which could sound fantastic on certain songs.

Can I run effects after the Direct-Drive?
Yes. Take the AUX out to feed your effects and then connect them to a direct box like the JDI™ or ProDI™ to balance the signal and send to the PA system or recorder.

Can I use the Direct-Drive like a regular direct box with my acoustic guitar?
Not really. A direct box is designed to send the clean sound of the instrument to the PA or recording system. The Direct-Drive emulates the sound of a guitar amp, so it will be colored.

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