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  • "The Classic is both responsive and musical. Very impressive! I can honestly say that I truly appreciate the Tonebone and feel that it is a valid addition to the very fabric of the distortion guitar sound. This is a rare find."

    Eric Johnson
    (Grammy award winning guitarist, winner - Guitar Player 'Best Guitarist' for 5 years)
    Eric Johnson
  • "My Tonebone Classic distortion sounds very good! It has a solid bottom end and wide range of colors."

    (Latin American Superstar)
  • "To save space when I fly, my pedal board has mostly pedals that are NOT True Bypass. They were sucking the tone in a major way. The Radial BigShot came to the rescue: from the first note, my tone & attack was restored as if I were plugging straight in to my amps. Thank you Radial!"

    Roger Eaton
    (Def Leppard, Whitesnake)
    Roger Eaton


Part no. R800 7010
  • 12AX7 tube for natural overdrive tone
  • True bypass switching with photocells
  • Powerful EQ with amazing dynamics and feel
  • Cleans up like a tube amp when guitar turned down

The Tonebone Classic is a high performance 12AX7 tube distortion pedal that is designed to deliver the tone, feel and dynamics of a real tube guitar amplifier.

Following the vision set by Leo Fender in the 1950's, the Classic is based on the modified vintage overdrive sounds that emerged in the 1970's, matured throughout the 1980's & 1990's and today remain some of the most sought after guitar tones of all time. The Classic begins with a 3-position gain switch and drive control that lets you dial-in slight overdrive to high gain saturation and everything in between. Ultra sensitive passive-interactive tone controls let you contour your sound to accentuate the mids for solos or fatten up the tone when using single coil pickups.

Inside, the Classic combines two gain stages to create the distortion with a 12AX7 tube drive to deliver added warmth and harmonic content. And like a real tube amp, when you turn your guitar volume down, the Classic cleans up naturally - without the noise, hum or buzz that is common with most other pedals. Yet at higher settings, every note remains distinct. The Classic is so responsive and dynamic - your individual playing style shines through!

To ensure quiet on stage performance, the innovative true-bypass switching employs photocells that 'ramp-on' and 'ramp-off' the effect to eliminate clicking and popping. And when bypassed, the pure sound of your guitar reaches the amplifier without any tone altering buffers in between.

The Radial Tonebone Classic – the most dynamic and responsive tube distortion pedal ever!

  1. Stone's Throw Away
  2. Haleys Comet
  3. Stephen Ray Blues
  4. Joy Ride Home
  5. Bon Voyage
  6. Southern Fried
  7. Pink Paisley Salad
  8. Ray Gun Beam
  9. ZZ Zebra Zolo
  10. Eddy's Van circa 1980
  11. Swamp Dawg Blues
  12. Speedy Gonzales

Created using a EJ Strat & JP6 (Ryth JP6 middle position, Lead Strat 4th position) and a Mesa Mark 5 clean channel into a Mesa 2x12 cab miked with a Sennheiser e609

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