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  • "The Texas is hands down the most feature rich overdrive pedal I've ever used. It jumps from crisp spanky rhythms to just the perfect amount richer solos with all the boost you could ever need. I LOVE this pedal!!!"

    Doug Doppler
    (Favoured Nations Artist)
    Doug Doppler
  • "The Texas Overdrive is a hot little versatile pedal. It has the right balance of providing it's own character yet without sacrificing the unique sonic attributes of each guitar driving it."

    Lyle Workman
    (Beck, Sting, Todd Rundgren)
    Lyle Workman
  • "The Texas is a great pedal! In fact two pedals in one. I love how it can clean up if I back off on the guitar or even just lighten up on my pick attack, and then when I dig in; it's huge! It has become an indispensable part of my pedalboard."

    Mike Miller
    (Bette Midler, Chick Corea, George Duke, Gino Vanelli)
    Mike Miller


Part no. R800 7110
  • Vintage TS9, OCD and high gain settings in one!
  • Two channels let you toggle from rhythm to lead
  • Ultra compact form factor fits any pedalboard
  • Super hot output for plenty of drive

The Texas is a power-packed overdrive pedal that has been meticulously designed to deliver three generations of overdrive to suit any style of play. This is enhanced with two channels that let you seamlessly switch between fat crunchy rhythm and powerful sustaining lead tones.

The design begins with a unique class-A buffering circuit that retains the natural feel and responsiveness of the guitar. This delivers the performance of 'true bypass' connectivity while lowering the impedance and susceptibility to noise. This enables the Texas to efficiently drive multiple pedals and longer cables when used on concert stages. A three position bite switch on each channel lets you set the character: In the bottom off position, the Texas delivers the tone of a vintage Ibanez TS9 conjuring up the bluesy signature sounds of players like Stevie Ray Vaughan. In the middle, the Texas adds excitement with the tone and dynamics of the popular Fulltone OCD for more of the Eddie Van Halen modern rock feel. Set to maximum, the Texas elevates your sound to a super high-gain modified TS9 for those who crave the ultimate metal tones of bands like Metallica.

For maximum on-stage efficiency, the Texas is configured for 'clean, rhythm & lead' playability whereby in bypass mode, you get the natural clean sound of your guitar. Turn it on and freely toggle between rhythm and lead. Each channel is equipped with its own tone and level control that lets you adjust the sound to your specific needs. For instance, you can set the rhythm tone with extra high end to cut through at lower volumes while the lead channel can be set with more bottom end to fatten up the tone for solos. To increase sustain, channel-2 is augmented with extra mid-range. The Texas employs Radial's most advanced EIS - Electronic Impulse Switching - for unmatched durability without the challenges posed by mechanical switches. This ensures quiet switching at all levels and delivers years of trouble-free performance.

The Texas overdrive... 3 generations of tone with the power of 2-channel stage control.

TS9 and OCD are registered trademarks of Ibanez and Fulltone. Radial is not associated with these companies and only uses their names to reference the type of sound created.


Tube Distortion Pedal


Effects Loop Switcher


2-Channel Bass Preamp

  1. Stone's Throw Away
  2. Stray Boogie Cats
  3. Stephen Ray Blues
  4. Joy Ride Home
  5. Bon Voyage
  6. Swamp Dawg
  7. Speedy Gonzales
  8. Ray Gun Beam
  9. ZZ Zebra Zolo
  10. Eddy's Van circa 1980
  11. Drop D Wizard
  12. Rock Theme

Created using a EJ Strat & JP6 (Ryth JP6 middle position, Lead Strat 4th position) and a Mesa Mark 5 clean channel into a Mesa 2x12 cab miked with a Sennheiser e609

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