The goal in developing the London was to replicate the tone of our popular Hot British tube distortion, but present the pedal in a super compact format that would fit any pedalboard. We also wanted to make it easy to plug into any multi-pedal power supply so that it could live along side other 9V pedals.

In some ways, the London was one of the easiest pedals we have developed. Why? Simply put, we had already invested a tremendous amount of energy developing and refining the Hot British... and since the London is basically a solid-state version of this popular tube model, getting there was actually relatively painless. The real challenge was reducing the footprint and feature set without sacrificing the tone. No, the London does not have as many options or give you as much control as the Hot British, but it does a spectacular job at focussing on the 'sweet spot' so that when connected, you will get the type of tone that has made the Hot British one of the most revered pedals of all time.

The essence of tone

The London is essentially a 'souped up Marshall' in a box. The tone comes from combining three gain stages and carefully managing how each one interacts. The distortion is primarily controlled by the DRIVE control. However, the powerful passive-interactive tone controls also play an integral part as you push them hard or pull back the throttle. The EQ frequencies have been carefully selected to accent the highs for added cut and kick out lows to deliver a fat bottom end that will please even the most discerning metal madman.

Two very clever 3-position switches add to the mayhem by providing extra control over the mids and extremes. The KICK switch lets you boost the mid range to fatten up the sound of a single coil pickup or add sustain for soloing. The BITE switch lets you tailor the overall character of the London so that it better matches your amp and playing style. For instance, if you have an older Marshall that may be excessively shrill, setting the BITE control to the bottom position will warm it up for more of a Jeff Beck type of tone. If you are using a Fender Twin and are looking for huge crunch, push the BITE switch to the top position and you are now into Metallica's domain.

Dual mode for twice the fun!

The London not only robs from the Hot British, but also gives you the dual-mode functionality of the Plexitube. This means that you can seamlessly switch from clean - to rhythm - to lead with a single pedal. We even added a bit of extra mid range to the solo channel to add sustain and to ensure your solos cut through. Simply set the individual drive channel levels to suit and you are set to go.

The Tonebone London is easy to use, intuitive and a whole lot of fun to play. In fact, with a London it is almost impossible to get a bad sound. Plug it in and get ready for huge massive walls of tone like nothing else. The London is arguably the best solid state Marshall in a pedal ever made.