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What is the difference between the London and the Hot British?

The London is a solid state version of the Hot British that does not employ a tube. The London has been voiced to focus on the main Marshall sound that has made the Hot British popular. The London also has tow modes for rhythm and lead, like the Plexitube.

Can I power the London using a battery?

No. The London is not equipped with a battery connection. Batteries go dead and then are tossed into fill sites. We think that using a power supply or multi-pedal brick is a better solution.

Will it work with any power supply?

Yes, so long as the power supply is 9V to 12V and is the correct polarity. The London employs the same powering as popular pedals made by Boss. Consult your dealer on which power supply they recommend.

Can I hurt the London if I leave it on?

No. The London's power input is regulated and it can be left on without much current draw.

Is the London True Bypass?

No. Instead it is equipped with load compensation circuit and electronic impulse switching. These combine to eliminate turn-on switch noise that can be devastatingly loud when used with high gain amps. Popping noise is a common problem with true-bypass devices. This also eliminates the problems associated with mechanical switches.

Where should the London be connected in the pedal chain?

The class-A input buffers are really smooth sounding. So when placed near the guitar, the London will help smooth out the tone of your other pedals and help reduce noise.

Can I use the London on bass?

Yes. For optimal results, combine it with the MIX pedal. This lets you blend in the amount of distortion with the clean tone. This setup retains the bass and gives you the distorted crunch.

How would you compare the London to the Hollywood or Texas?

The London is designed for heavy metal, over the top tones. These can certainly be used for soloing with any style of music. The Hollywood is more like the Tonebone Classic and falls into a category that is somewhere between an overdrive and a distortion pedal. This tends to produce smoother more blues like tones. The Texas is an overdrive with three modes for vintage, current and extra kick. All three are unique and fun to play!