Billy Sheehan


At Radial, we are often charged with building products that are very unique and that will only have limited appeal. Guilty as charged! This is likely why we get so many emails from musicians asking us to build innovative new products as they figure Radial is the only company that is crazy enough to do it.

Truth is, there are a thousand different pedals in the world with all kinds of subtle variations on similar themes. And although many are very good or even inspiring, few force us to move outside of our comfort zone and push us into new sonic frontiers. Think of putting down your electric and picking up a classical guitar. You play differently. It pushes you into new musical directions.

The Mix-Blender™ is a unique pedal that can be used to create never-before-possible signal paths which in turn can spur on the creative process. This can not only inspire when writing music, it can lead to new directions when jamming.

Updating the BigShot MIX

The concept behind the Mix-Blender stems from the BigShot MIX pedal. Bass legend Billy Sheehan was one of the first to embrace the MIX. The MIX allowed the user to combine a distortion or effect with the original tone – while retaining the clean or dry signal by adjusting a wet-dry control. The problem with the MIX was that the controls are located on the back side which made them difficult to get to and impossible to alter when on a busy live stage. Radial invested thousands of dollars in special tooling to produce a new series of knobs and switches that could bring these switches to the top panel. This not only makes it much easier to use, but also makes it easier understand.

Adding a mixer to the signal path

For quite some time we have been getting requests from 'crazy users' to create a mini-mixer that would enable two instruments or signal paths to be blended together. This could be used to quickly switch between two guitars or basses on stage, to combine two pickups or even combine two series of effects in parallel – the same way that studios set up parallel processing. Because the blend function is essentially a mixer, it made sense to us that the two functions could be combined into a single pedal.

The Mix-Blender is certainly not for everyone. It is only for those that are searching to create new effects and sonic textures which in turn will spawn creative new sounds and song-writing. And only those that are looking for a more efficient manner to switch between instruments on a busy live stage would find it beneficial...

Hmmm... maybe there is method to this madness after all!