Eric Clapton
Jimmy Page


Since we introduced the Tonebone Hot British, scores of players have commented on how they have finally achieved the type of fat rich tones that they can hear in their head, but have been unable to achieve through their amp. In fact, the comment we get most of all is that the Hot British is likely the best 'Marshall-in-a-pedal' made today.

But if you know guitar players, the one thing that never changes is their constant quest to move one step beyond and in this case, this is literally what we have done. For players who want to use the Hot British for both rhythm and lead, transitioning between two drastic settings by twisting knobs is impractical. So resorting to using two Hot British pedals on a pedalboard has been the only solution. This certainly works but requires more real-estate, more cables and costs more. To simplify the setup, players have been asking us to provide a more compact all-in-one solution. We call it Plexitube.

Back to the Hot British

The Plexitube can pretty much be summed up as two Hot British pedals in one plus a clean 'true-bypass'. When activated, the Hot British generates incredible distortion by combining three solid state gain stages with a tube drive for added warmth. This produces spectacular overtones with tons of saturation - yet each note remains clean and distinct. In other words, it does not muddy up like most other pedals when driven to the extreme.

Once the distortion is generated, the next bit of magic is the passive-interactive tone controls that seem to add 3D-like control over the signal path. It lets you accentuate highs, create massive bottom end and even scoop out the mids for heavy metal mayhem. Be careful… it's addictive!

Expanding to the Plexitube

During the development process, we found that the type of player that would use a multi-channel Hot British would approach his tonal selection very differently than a player using a multi-channel Tonebone Classic. For rhythm, the Classic player tends to look for tones that begin with slight overdrive that sound like an amp breaking up and employ lead tones that tend towards Clapton and Hendrix - where mid range is prominent and distortion is increased. The Trimode accomplishes this goal by providing two separate input drive controls and output levels like a traditional two channel amp.

The Plexitube is different. The metal player has pretty much determined that he will be working with full-on distortion at all times but needs to severely alter the tone as he transitions between rhythm and lead. For rhythm, the tones need to range from 'in your face Marshall' to huge scooped out mid tones that create a sonic wall. For leads, the tone needs to shift to enable the guitar to cut through the mix so that those screaming high speed super licks can be heard above all.

To achieve this, the Plexitube's rhythm and lead channels have been voiced differently. The rhythm channel is EQd like the original Hot British and enhanced with a super-scooped mid range that can be dialled in using the contour control. Drop-D your tuning, add some bass and dial in a world of hurt and devastation.

Lead guitar lives in the mid range… increase the mids and all of a sudden, you get more sustain and your solos cut through the mix. The Plexitube lead channel is voiced with extra mids so that it automatically raises eyebrows when you kick in a solo. This can be enhanced by activating the voicing control and adjusting a separate contour control to suit. This way, you can dial in a mid-bump that perfectly matches your guitar and amp setup. For even more fun, you can insert a delay pedal into the lead channel so that when you switch channels, your delay is already working. This eliminates tap dancing and delivers a more professional performance.

The Plexitube is a remarkable distortion pedal that brings the tone and excitement of a modified Plexi to your pedalboard. Plug it in - close your eyes. Nothing more needs to be said.