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Think of the Plexitube as two more channels on your amp. In other words, it is not merely a distortion, overdrive or boost. It is, in fact, a very powerful front end for your amp that can be used in many different ways. The following page describes how to use the Plexitube along with how you can maximize the performance when you add it to your setup. For more information, feel free to download the complete manual by clicking on the icon at left.

The Drive Circuit

Next is the 3 position mid boost control. This is designed to increase the mid range or body of the signal to fatten up the sound. It is often used on single coil or soap-bar pickups to increase the bottom end and round out the tone. The guitar signal is then split off to the two channels with CHAN-1 typically used for rhythm and CHAN-2 for lead. Both channels can be used for either rhythm or lead or for both and have been designated to improve comprehension.

Plexitube Block Diagram

The Plexitube is equipped with a set & forget inter-stage drive control that lets you fine-tune the amount of distortion going to the channel-2 lead channel. It is best that you start by using the Plexitube and get used to it before messing around with this control. It is factory set at 12 o'clock. Increasing the drive will of course increase the distortion on the lead channel for added sustain.

Adjusting the tone

Both channels are equipped with their own 3-position VOICING switch and CONTOUR control. These very powerful controls work together like a parametric EQ whereby the switch sets the boost and cut while the contour selects the middle frequency. On the rhythm channel-1, the voicing switch has 3 positions with a deep V scoop tone for those huge metal tones where the mid range is scooped out, a moderate V scoop tone that adds a bit more mid range, and a FAT position that boosts the mids for in-your-face cut. Adjust the CONTOUR control to find the sweet spot or center frequency that will best match your amp and guitar. The lead channel-2 is set slightly differently whereby the 3 position switch goes from bypass, to standard scoop or fat. The intent here is to retain the mid range so that the solo can better cut through the mayhem on stage.

The signal then passes through a passive interactive tone control circuit that is used to shape the distortion. The HIGH and LOW EQ controls are very powerful! So if they are set to less than 12 o'clock they will reduce the distortion and if set above, the drive will increase significantly. Try them at various settings to get a feel as to how they work. You will be amazed at both the great sound and how easy the Plexitube is to use. The signal can then

be further shaped using the 3-position TOP-END switch. This sets the overall tone shape of the Plexitube to compensate for overly bright or overly bassy amps. Set to DARK it creates more of a Jeff Beck tone. Set to BRIGHT and you reach into Eddie Van Halen territory.

Finally, there are two output LEVEL controls, with one for each channel. These controls set the output level for clean, rhythm and lead operation. Depressing the toggle footswitch selects which channel will be activated and the corresponding LED indicator will illuminate.

To add versatility, channel-2 is equipped with a ¼" TRS insert jack that works just like the ones found on a professional mixing console. This lets you introduce effects pedals like a delay into the lead signal path so that when the lead channel is selected, the delay will automatically go on. This makes transitioning from rhythm to lead seamless and professional.

Easy to see full size LEDs on the front panel make it easy to view your settings and once you get started, you will find the controls to be intuitive and easy to use.