PZ-Deluxe™ Specifications

The Radial PZ-Deluxe is a high performance preamp disguised as an effects pedal. One can quickly evaluate the performance by looking at the low noise design (about -120dB at all frequencies), the even order harmonics detailed in the FFT graph and of course the low distortion at the intended guitar and mic signal level range. These support the claim that the radial PZ-Pre will deliver the tone of the instrument with optimal signal transfer.

Block Diagram PZ-Deluxe Block Diagram
Frequency Response
PZ-Deluxe Block Diagram

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Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Circuit type: Class A FET Hybrid Input Stage
Frequency response: 20Hz ~ 18kHz (0/-3dB)
Dynamic range: 105dB
Total harmonic dostortion: 0.03% @ -20dB output
Equivalent Input Noise -108dBu
Intermodulation Distortion: 0.07%
Input Impedance - PZB Off: 6.8K-ohms
Input Impedance - PZB On: 10M-ohms
Gain - 1/4" Input to stage amp out: +16dB (PZB-Off)
Gain - 1/4" input to XLR Out: +21dB (PZB-Off)
Gain - PZB Piezo booster circuit: +10dB
Gain - Boost On: +13dB maximum
Output Impedance - XLR Output 600Ω
Size: (6.1" x 3.8" x 2.1") (155 x 96.5 x 53mm)
Weight: 1.75lbs (0.8kg)
Power Requirement: 15V ('Nominal) 400mA Center Pin Positive Adapter
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