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How does the PZ-Select compare to the PZ-Pre?

They are similar in that they both have two channels. The PZ-Pre is designed for two acoustic instruments to share the same amp while the PZ-Select is optimized for two different types of instruments with dedicated outputs for each one.

How does the PZ-Select compare to the BigShot i/o?

The BigShot i/o is a simple passive 'true-bypass' version of the PZ-Select in that it allows two instruments to be selected. The BigShot i/o does not have any internal buffers to eliminate noise; separate guitar amp outputs; or a built-in direct box.

Can I use the PZ-Select with two electric guitars?

You could, but you may be better served with the lower priced BigShot i/o. The PZ-Select is not able to send the two guitar signals to the same amp. So this may not work for your setup.

Can I use the electric and acoustic outputs at the same time?

Yes. Both are completely independent except at the tuner where they combine.

Why does the PZ-Select use a 15V power supply – not a 9V?

Unlike guitar pedals that only need to process electric guitar signals, the PZ-Select must also manage acoustic signals. These tend to have transients with more dynamic range which in turn require more headroom. This is accomplished with more voltage, thus the reason the PZ-Select uses a 15V supply.

Are there any manufacturers that make multi-power supply bricks for the PZ-Select?

Yes; The Cioks DC10 and AC10 both have 15V outlets for Tonebone pedals.

Can I power the PZ-Select using the 18V output on a power brick?

Yes. The extra voltage will be dissipated by the internal regulator. Just make sure you have the correct polarity on the power connection as reversing the polarity could cause severe damage.

Will the PZ-Select alter my electric guitar tone?

The PZ-Select will buffer your guitar and it will lower the impedance. This lowers noise and allows you to run longer cables. To counter any effect that the buffers may have on the signal, we have added a feature called Drag™ control. This lets you adjust the load on the pickup so that it sounds natural. Carlos Santana, John Petrucci, and Steve Lukather all use Radial buffers with Drag™ control when they record.

Can I use the Tuner out as a combined output?

You could, but there is no way to turn the tuner output off. This output is always active.

Can I power the PZ-Select using 48V phantom from the mixing console?

No. Phantom power does not have enough current to power the PZ-Select. This is why the PZ-Select comes equipped with a 15VDC power supply.

Will 48V phantom power hurt the PZ-Select?

No. The PZ-Select is equipped with DC blocking capacitors at the XLR output connector to protect it from phantom power.

Is there any difference between the original PZ-Select (called PZ-DI) and the new model?

No. They are identical other than the artwork.