Rejean 'Rej.E' Lachance
Réjean 'Rej.E' Lachance
The Pre-Drive


When developing new products, we have always used a small stable of very talented artists to advise us on features, to test products and in some cases even suggest new products for development. One such artist is Réjean 'Rej.E' Lachance – a French Canadian guitarist from Quebec that has made his career playing primarily in Europe with Roch Voisine, Lara Fabian and Johnny Hallyday. To get a sense of scope, Hallyday is often cited as France’s version of Elvis – not with respect to style, but with respect to his immense popularity. Johnny Hallyday performed for decades and Réjean enjoyed a long span as his loyal lead guitarist!

About a year ago, Réjean asked on of our engineers – the genius behind the Tonebone Hot British™ and Classic™ – to come up with a pedal that would drive the front end of his Marshall® amp harder, without losing the dynamics and feel that is all too often the case with typical overdrive and distortion pedals. The Regency is named in his honor.

To get a better understanding of how the effect works, an overdrive or distortion pedal generates the distortion inside the circuit. So when driving a clean amp, this works well. But when you have an amp that is already breaking up, adding distortion only serves to muddy up the notes. With the Regency, you can hit the front end of your amp harder using two different approaches and then combine them if you like.

The Pre-Drive

The pre-drive can be thought of as a pre-distortion overdrive. It has huge amounts of gain and can be pushed hard to sound like an overdrive pedal. But if you keep it throttled back and use it on the cleaner side, you can push your amp with just enough extra drive and gain to add sizzle, harmonics and sustain. It pre-emphasizes the amp’s natural distortion and wakes it up.

The Booster

This second section is an ultra-clean Class-A power booster with crazy amounts of gain. It can be used to add grit to your amp’s front end or to accentuate the sustain if the channel is already overdriven. When used in combination with the Pre-Drive, you are now exceeding Warp-9. But what is life without heading straight for the unknown?

The Effects Loop

There is no question about it, once the Regency gets onto your pedalboard you will be using it for solos. And for most solos, adding a touch of delay or reverb not only increases the presence of the solo, it allows the solo to cut through without it being overly loud. The Regency incorporates an effects loop that is activated when the Boost footswitch is depressed. This way, you can increase your signal level and have your delay automatically come on at the same time. Quick, effective, amazing.

Add effects along with the signal boost