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Is the Regency™ Pre-Drive an overdrive, distortion or power booster?

In a way, it is all of the above. It sits somewhere between a power booster and an overdrive.

What makes the Pre-Drive different from a traditional overdrive pedal?

The gain structure is different. In other words, an overdrive tends to have more distortion, while the Regency has less distortion and more gain.

Can the effects loop be activated using the pre-drive circuit?

No. It is wired to the boost section as it will most likely be used to add delay or other effects when soloing.

Can the effects be set so that they are on all the time?

Yes and no. Yes, by simply turning the level down on the booster. No, it cannot be left on and then have the booster go on or off. If you want your pedals ‘always on’ in the signal chain, you can position them before or after the Regency on your pedalboard.

What is the benefit of being ‘true-bypass’?

For purists, this allows the signal from the guitar to connect directly to the amp. With many amps today being so powerful, some guitarists are reducing the number of pedals in their chain and using the amp to a greater potential. The Regency is well suited for this crowd.

How does the low-mid control work?

It basically changes the cut-off point where the mid frequencies are processed. This moves the low-mid accent point up or down the scale, producing variations that can better suit each guitar and amp setup.

Does the tone also affect the low-mid?

Yes. These are tied together as part of the EQ.