Regency Specifications

The Regency is a unique pedal that allows you to pre-emphasize the gain stage of your amp. This is accomplished with a pre-drive circuit that provides the ability to push an amp harder for natural distortion, while also giving you control over how much grit you add before hitting the amp. Tone and low-mid controls provide further adjustments to best suit your guitar and amp setup. When it comes time to solo, an independent class-A booster provides up to +23dB of clean gain so your signal can cut through. An effects loop allows you to activate a delay or chorus pedal in conjunction with the booster, for easy and professional transitions from rhythm to lead. The Regency is built with 14-gauge steel, extra-durable switches and components, and a military grade circuit board, for unparalleled reliability - even under harsh touring conditions. The pedal is powered via a standard 9V center pin negative supply and is compatible with pedalboard power supply bricks.

Tonebone Regency Block Diagram

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Audio circuit type: Class A discrete
Frequency response: Shaped for guitar use
Gain - Boost: Variable from 0dB to +23dB
Gain - Overdrive: Variable from +8dB to +43dB
Noise floor: -73dBu
Maximum input: +10dBu
Total harmonic distortion: <0.01%
Inter-modulation distortion: >0.1% @15dBu Out
Input impedance: 220KΩ
Output impedance - Boost On: 150Ω
Output impedance - Drive On: 1k Ω
Clip level - output +4dBu
Controls - Boost: Gain
Controls - Overdrive: Level, Tone, Drive
Switches: Boost on/off, Overdrive on/off, Low-mid select
Effects loop: ¼” send and return jacks
LED indicators Large 3mm OD ultra-bright LEDs
Power: 60mA, 9VDC (center pin negative)
Construction: 14-gauge steel
Finish: Durable powder coat
Size: L:4¼ x W:4 x H: 2⅛
Weight: 1.45lb
Shipping size: L: 6⅜ x W:4⅛ x H:2⅞
Shipping weight: 1.7lb
FCC approval Complied with section 15 of the FCC Rules
Conditions: For indoor use at temperatures between +5°C and +40°C
Warranty: Radial 3-year, transferable