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Regency Pre-Drive & Booster

Part No. R800 7013 00
  • Unique pre-drive circuit for high gain amps
  • Super-hot +23dB Class-A power booster
  • Pre-Drive and Boost can be combined
  • Built-in effects loop activates with booster

The Regency™ is a new type of pedal designed specifically to pre-emphasize the gain stage of today's high gain amps. It features two circuits that may be used independently, or combined together to add punch, harmonics and sustain without losing articulation or oversaturating the guitar signal.

The Pre-Drive can be thought of as a pre-distortion overdrive that can be set with just enough grit to add sustain, yet with enough gain to push the front end of the amp for more natural sustain and harmonics. It features an adjustable drive to set the amount of distortion, a tone control for tone shaping plus a drive level control to set the output volume. A 3-position Low-Mid switch rounds out the sonic structure to better focus bottom end to match your amp and guitar.

The Booster is a super-hot, 100% discrete, pure Class-A power booster that delivers up to +23dB of clean gain. This can be used for soloing or hitting the front end of a smaller amp to cause it to break up prematurely. To add even more excitement to the performance, a built-in effects-loop allows a series of pedals such as a delay or chorus to be added to the signal chain when the boost footswitch is engaged. This speeds the transition from rhythm to lead when soloing, delivering a more efficient and professional performance on stage.

The Pre-Drive and Booster are each activated with their own footswitch and both can be combined to push your amp to extremes. The actual switching is done using gold-contact sealed relays for true-bypass performance.

The Regency… a new type of pedal that is fit for a king!


ABY Amp Selector


Guitar Amp Selector


Effects loop interface for two amps

Regency™ - Applications

Using the Pre-Drive to add sustain

The Regency lets you pre-emphasize the front end of your amp to add sustain and harmonics by adding slight overdrive and extra punch to your signal, without muddying up the notes.

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Using the Booster to push the front end

Use the Booster to hit the front end of your smaller amp harder to cause it to break up and deliver natural amp distortion. Combine the Pre-Drive with the Boost for over-the-top sustain.

Adding pedals for soloing

Connect your delay to the effects loop. When you hit the booster for a solo, the effects loop will automatically activate to engage your effects pedal with a single foot-stomp.