Tonebone Texas-Pro


The Texas-Pro is the result of our efforts to create the best sounding, most versatile overdrive pedal on the market. It combines the characteristics of three classic flavors of overdrive, and then adds the functionality of a boost pedal and a switchable effects loop to create the ultimate overdrive in a remarkably small, pedalboard friendly chassis.

The Texas-Pro allows the player to choose between three distinctive overdrive types using the Range switch:

  • Vintage Overdrive (Ibanez TS9)

    This is the tone that Stevie Ray Vaughan made famous. It is on the cleaner side, yet has the character and responsiveness that enables the guitarist's personality to shine through.

  • Modern Overdrive (Fulltone OCD)

    Many guitarists are looking for some extra edge and distortion while still retaining note distinctiveness. The Fulltone OCD is a particularly exciting version of an overdrive that delivers this type of tone.

  • Maximum Overdrive (Modified TS9 boutique)

    There are a number of boutique manufacturers that are producing this type of pedal. They step up the gain for crunch making them particularly effective for today's huge rock tones with drop-D tuning.

Not content with only providing three classic styles of overdrive tones, the Texas-Pro was also designed to have a second function as a Boost pedal. This class-A power booster provides an additional +22dB of clean gain when needed or to drive the front end of your amp harder. To add further excitement to the performance, an effects loop lets separate pedals be brought into the signal chain when the boost footswitch is engaged. This allows the boost to be simultaneously used with a delay pedal when soloing for an easy and professional transition.

Lastly, consideration was given to the fact that these days, extra room on a pedalboard is at a premium, and the cost of traveling with heavy gear is higher than ever. To this end, the Texas-Pro fits its many features into an incredibly compact and rugged case, and can be powered by a standard 9V power supply or multi-pedal power brick to save space on your pedalboard.