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Texas-Pro™ FAQ

Can I use any multi-pedal power supply with the Texas-Pro?

Yes, so long as you provide the Texas-Pro with 9-12VDC, using a 2.1mm center-pin negative connector with at least 100mA of current.

Can I use the Texas-Pro with a battery?

No. The class-A circuitry of the Texas-Pro is power hungry and will drain a battery in no time.

Is the Texas-Pro True-Bypass?

Yes! This ensures that you get the pure natural tone of your guitar, as if it were plugged directly into your amplifier.

Can the effects loop be set so that it is always on?

Only if you keep the booster engaged constantly - you can turn down the booster gain to accomplish this. Alternatively, you can place them before or after the Texas-Pro in the signal chain.