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  • "The Trimode is great! I especially love how it turns a solid state amp into a great sounding tube amp. With quite a few of my amp set-ups it really works out perfectly."

    Duke Robillard
    (Roomful of Blues, Fabulous Thunderbirds, Jimmy Witherspoon, Bob Dylan)
    Duke Robillard
  • "Fantastic! As soon as I plugged the Trimode in, I knew it would work for me."

    Dominic Miller
    (Sting, the Pretenders)
    Dominic Miller
  • "Think of the Trimode as two killer channels added to your amp. It's the most musical, best sounding overdrive pedal I have ever owned. If you are concerned with tone, you have to check it out."

    Carl Harvey
    (Messenja, Toots and the Maytalls)
    Carl Harvey


Part no. R800 7015
  • Clean, rhythm & lead tones from one pedal
  • 12AX7 tube for natural overdrive tone
  • Effects loop on solo channel eliminates tap dancing
  • Seamless switching for professional results

The Trimode™ is a high performance tube distortion pedal designed for professional stage use. It combines a proprietary dual-drive gain stage with a 12AX7 tube to deliver the warm tone, feel and dynamics of a real tube amplifier. Turn down your guitar and the Trimode cleans up. Dig into the notes and it reacts to the subtleties of every nuance.

Derived from the popular Tonebone Classic, the Trimode is based on the heritage of America's finest tube amplifiers. The powerful feature set delivers five decades of tone from the slight overdrive of early rock & roll to the blistering power tones of today's modified high gain amps. With this kind of power, you can create tones that will make your voice unique and your individuality shine through.

As the name implies, Trimode has three settings: it begins with a 'True-Bypass clean mode' that delivers the natural tone of your guitar plugged directly to your amp. Hit the footswitch to engage the 'Rhythm mode' where you can adjust the distortion, mid range and output level for the perfect rhythm setting. Toggle to the 'Solo mode' and optimize your sound for sizzling leads that cut through with incredible control and sustain for days. The Trimode goes one step further with a built-in effects loop on the solo channel that lets you instantly engage your delay with a single foot action to deliver a seriously professional stage performance.

The Tonebone Trimode... tremendously versatile, incredibly dynamic, extremely efficient... with the tube warmth and character to let your individuality shine through


Tube Distortion Pedal


Dual Mode Analog Chorus


ABY Amp Selector

  1. Stone's Throw Away
  2. Stray Boogie Cats
  3. Stephen Ray Blues
  4. Joy Ride Home
  5. Bon Voyage
  6. Southern Fried
  7. Pink Paisley Salad
  8. Ray Gun Beam
  9. ZZ Zebra Zolo
  10. Eddy's Van circa 1980
  11. Drop D Wizard
  12. Heavy Duty Terminator

Created using a EJ Strat & JP6 (Ryth JP6 middle position, Lead Strat 4th position) and a Mesa Mark 5 clean channel into a Mesa 2x12 cab miked with a Sennheiser e609

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