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  • "The Twin-City lets me run both of my Boogies simultaneously and keeps things responsive AND quiet. Now that it is in my rig, I don't know how I managed without it!"

    Willie Adler
    (Lamb of God)
    Willie Adler
  • "I've been through just about every switcher on the market from the very cheap to the most expensive and in every respect I've found the Twin-City ABY to be the best option on the market. It solves all of the common problems that arise from complicated instrument rigs."

    Devin Malone
    (Guitarist, Hunter Hayes)
    Devin Malone
  • "The Radial Twin-City splits my signal to both my amps perfectly! No noise, no fuss, just monster riffs with monster tone!"

    Andy Masson
    (Sons of Icarus)
    Andy Masson
  • "My Twin-City ABY Amp Switcher is amazing. It has given me the biggest sounding and cleanest stereo rig possible. I love my Twin-City. Thank you Radial Engineering for making yet another top notch product."

    Doug Rappoport
    (Edgar Winter Group)
    Doug Rappoport

Twin-City™ active ABY switcher

Part no. R800 7115
  • Class-A amp switcher with Drag Control
  • Isolated output eliminates hum and buzz
  • 180° polarity sets both amps in phase
  • Standard 9 volt power supply operation

The Twin-City is an active ABY switcher that lets you connect to any two guitar amps and drive them simultaneously without noise, loss of gain or any degradation to your natural guitar tone.

The design begins with Radial's award winning class-A buffer for the most natural tone and Drag™ Control load correction that lets you reintroduce the natural load on the pickup as if connected directly to a tube amplifier. To eliminate hum and buzz from ground loops, the Twin-City is equipped with an isolation transformer on output B. This is augmented with a ground lift switch and 180⁰ polarity reverse switch that ensures both amplifiers play in phase while noise is reduced to an absolute minimum, even when using older vintage amps. As a buffer, the Twin-City lowers the impedance and susceptibility to noise, making it the ideal signal driver for large stages when using long cable runs.

Like all Radial products, the Twin-City is constructed from heavy 14 gauge steel to protect the internal electronics from abuse when kicked around on a busy stage. For maximum dependability, the Twin-City employs our latest EIS – Electronic Impulse Switching – for unmatched performance without the challenges posed by mechanical switches. Bright, easy to see LEDs provide instant switching status so you know exactly where you are at all times. To better adapt to pedalboards, connections are top mounted for maximum density and powering is done using a standard 9V supply. This makes it easy to combine the Twin-City with other pedals and power them using a power brick .

The Twin-City is a powerful ABY switcher that delivers all of the natural tone, punch and clarity of a true-bypass device without the popping noise of mechanical switches or the induced hum and buzz caused by ground loops.


EFX Effects Loop Switcher


Two Channel Instrument Switcher


Distortion Pedal


Using the Twin-City with Two Guitar Amps

Combining amps can often lead to horrendous buzz and hum. The Twin-City eliminates the problem with transformer isolation and a polarity reverse switch that sets both amps in phase.

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Using the Twin-City as a Channel Switcher

Switching channels on vintage amps is now possible using the Twin-City. Connect the two outputs from the Twin-City to the two channels, make sure they are in phase by adjusting the 180° polarity reverse!

Using the Twin-City with Two Bass Amps

Why do guitarists have all the fun? The Twin-City works as well on bass as it does on guitar. Simply select between your two favorite amps to deliver the ultimate tone for each and every song.